Joel Osteen, New Wave Bigot

3 12 2009

I realize it has been over a month since Douchebag Pastor Osteen’s appearance on The View. However, I was between blogs at that time, giving me plenty of extra time to absorb the information.

On November 4, Pastor Joel Osteen appeared on The View. Here is a little wrap up on Sir Douche a Lot, in case you’re unfamiliar:

Osteen is a televangelist pastor of nondenominational Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, claiming the nation’s largest congregation of over 30,000 members. The church recently purchased the former home of the Houston Rockets, Compaq Center, putting in over $90 million in renovations. The Pastor sells out huge arenas around the country, charging $10 a ticket. Ebay shows tickets selling for up to $100. Lakewood Church’s 2004 revenue was reported to be $55 million. Osteen is also a best selling author, with his self help book Your Best Life Now: Seven Steps to Living at Your Full Potential, in which he tells people how to be a good (watered down) Christian and make lots of money.

Osteen, known as “the smiling preacher” has been making the television rounds in recent months, appearing on 60 Minutes, Larry King Live and, oh yeah, The View. After dazzling the ladies with his opinions on how God wants to bless good Christians with gobs and gobs of money, Whoopi asked the pastor The Question: “How do you feel about folks who are gay?” Let the circular talk and sugar coated bullshit begin. Let’s watch the clip:

Did anything this jackass just said make any kind of sense whatsoever? Either you’re accepting or you’re not, Joel. Pick one. If homosexuality is in opposition to your beliefs, grow some balls and say so. In plain English. Without the hemming and the hawing and sugar-coated intolerance. Your 40,000 loyal followers are depending on you to stand up for their belief system. What are you afraid of? A little hatemail from the middle aged housewives watching The View? Its not like anyone would be shocked by a televangelist despising gays. I could even muster up some form of respect for you if those were your beliefs and you stood by them publicly. I would disagree and think you’re an asshole, but I could respect the fact that you stood unwavering by your spiritual calling.

Is it possible that Joel is walking the fence, not for any reason related to his actual beliefs (or lackthereof- who knows with this guy), but because he wants to appeal to as many people as possible so that he can bring more sheep into his flock to make him and his mega church more millions of dollars? I think so.

Are Americans really so stupid that any cheesy fake-tanned sleaze bag with a mini mullet and nice teeth can get away with this crap?




5 responses

4 12 2009

All televangelists are fucking stupid. Apparently homosexuals are mistakes in his eyes. Seriously if God is out there… he needs to strike down the stupid, full of themselves, “God pleasing”, money making, pompous and unintelligent televangelists like Osteen or Peter Popoff… I hate ignorance and how close minded people are… We live in the year 2009… this isn’t The Bible era…

4 12 2009

Osteen pisses me off even more than your average hate-spewing televangelist because he won’t even come out and clearly give his actual opinion. Who knows what he really thinks about the issue. He doesn’t want to say he accepts homosexuality and piss off his (paying) ultra right-wing congregation, but he doesn’t want to say he doesn’t and offend liberals and gays, because he wants EVERYONE to come to his church. And GIVE HIM THEIR MONEY. Asshat.

13 01 2010
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10 03 2010

OMG I HATE THIS DOUCHE!!!!!! And I live in fucking Houston!!!!!!!!! I pass his money grubbing amusement park (aka church) all the time!

22 04 2010
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