The way to my heart is through falling and letting me laugh at you

10 03 2010

Yesterday I filled you in on how much I love portmanteaux. That’s right, felt like classing it up today.

If there is anything I love more than combo words, it’s having the privilege of not only being in the right place at the right time, but also being paying attention when someone falls. Anyone. I’m indiscriminate with my taunting laughter.

[peeing my pants]

In fact, it doesn’t even matter if I am the victim of the fall. I’m still going to laugh hysterically, despite the blood that may or may not be gushing from various appendages. Falling is just that funny to me. It’s like there is an ‘uncontrollable laughter’ button embedded in my brain and every time I see someone fall (or fall myself) it gets pushed. Seriously people, I’m the victim here.

My third favorite thing is watching people crack up laughing at inappropriate times. I adore movie outtakes and blooper reels, and I love love love news anchor bloopers.

Combine my love of falls and my love of news anchor crack-ups, and you get my very favorite video clip of all time:

I absolutely can’t breathe from laughing every. time. I watch it and it’s an instant pick me up on a shitty day.

If you can manage to not laugh with those anchors, well…

you’re a monster.

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6 responses

10 03 2010

Hahaha, I’ve seen that clip before – hilarious! You would have loved to have seen me fall the other day – I was walking down a ramp that had a railing on both sides when my right leg just flew past my left and I went down in a split position. However, both hands reached for the rails so right before my vagina could hit the ground in a full-on split, I cought myself. I still pulled muscles I didn’t even know I had, but you know…I kinda looked cool. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

10 03 2010

Hahahaha I’m laughing just visualizing it….I’m sure you still looked hawt 😉

11 03 2010

I’m trying to understand how the music & dance fit together, and trust me I can’t dance to save my life!

That’s a GREAT fall though 😀

And, something about the wigglyl, wobbly fall WITH water can cracked me up too.

Thanks for the fun on an otherwise dull day.

11 03 2010

hehehe the way that you think the fall is finished and then she comes flying back across and takes out the keyboard just KILLS me! 😀

11 03 2010

I fall all the time. One time I fell down the stairs in front of a guy from the electric company. He brought it up at least 4 times before he left; he obviously thought it was funny. I think you’d like hanging out with me because there would be a lot of opportunity to laugh at me falling. And really, laughing at inappropriate times is one of the best things ever.

And the model falling! They just kept playing the clip and it was funnier each time!

11 03 2010

Just the fact that you have a blog called Vomit Popsicle is enough to make me want to hang out with you. Falling would just be vomit on the cake! Bwahahaha

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