Friendtastic Friday!

12 03 2010

That’s right, I’m starting my very own weekly installment of Friday love-fests!

Friendtastic Fridays!

Next to self-expression, the best part of being a blogger is forming friendships with other bloggers. Finding a kindred spirit floating out there in the interwebs and knowing that you would never have been aware of this amazing person’s existence  otherwise is what the blogging community is all about.

So, every Friday I will be selecting a few of my favorite new-to-me bloggers and slapping them up here for all to see.

Now, lets start this off right. In the past week (maybe two, whatever!) I have discovered what I think may be my two favorite bloggers ever. Seriously, these ladies are too awesome for words. But you know me, I’ll ramble on anyway.

First, my self-proclaimed “sister from another mister”: Stacy of Stacy Says. Stacy is a sassy Jatheist (Jatheist! Whadduya think, Stacy?) with a love for cupcakes, witty commentary and her super cute doggeh. Oh, and she‘s super cute too. Click the links, people!

Next, the feistiest “trophy wife with a trucker’s mouth” you’ll ever meet, Ashley of One Crazy Brunette Chick. This bitch isn’t kidding one bit about the crazy part! Go read her blog and you’ll see why it’s okay for me to say that shit. Seriously, this woman is badass and I totally heart her face. She’s a total MILF too. Just sayin’.

These girls are so highly awesome that I also have their buttons proudly displayed over there in my sidebar. ——->

So there are really no excuses to not check them out.




2 responses

12 03 2010

Awesome!!!!! Jatheist, love it! And I love you! Is that weird? No weirder than Lady Gaga’s telephone video! SHEESH! Did you see that shit? It’s on my blog post today, go check it out!

12 03 2010

I totally love you hooker!!!

I love how you stuck in there, “Go read her blog and you’ll see why it’s okay for me to say that shit” Didn’t want anyone to think you were being hateful!!!

You’re killing me with the fucking combo words bitch!!!! GRRRRR

I haven’t come up with even ONE!!!!!

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