It was an honor just to be nominated!

15 03 2010


Somehow I have been given my first two blog awards ever in two days.


The first comes from Crazy Brunette Chick:

Thanks…..I think. Wait…..wha?

Next, from Stacy at Stacy Says:


I’m supposed to pass this one on to 15 newly discovered bloggers, but I am far too lazy for that shit, so I’m trimming it down to five and one isn’t so much newly discovered.

All rules here are my rules!

The lucky five are:

1. The blog I’ve been stalking since my first days back at HeathenMommy (RIP) : Jen at Problem Girl

2. Tina at Vomit Popsicle (because lovely is in the eye of the beholder)

3. The Single Girl and the City

4. Christina at Christina in Wonderland

5. Jane at I Really Suck at This

Whew… five was exhausting enough.

Thanks for the awards, Ladies. MUAHs!

So, I saw Alice in Wonderland in celebration of my friendiversary last night and I must ask….

am I the only one who would totally still do Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter?

Oh, okay, good.



6 responses

15 03 2010
Crazy Brunette

You are fucking awesome, that’s why you got this award! Okay bitch?

15 03 2010

Okay bitch!!

15 03 2010

Ummmmmm, that first award is the best award EVER. Freaking hilarious!

16 03 2010
Crazy Brunette

*Crazy Brunette is bowing*

18 03 2010


29 03 2010

This is so belated, because I suck, but thank you so much! I am absolutely honored!

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