It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

16 03 2010

Do you ever realize how much more of your surroundings you notice when you’re walking versus driving?

Spring seems to be springing in these parts (for now at least) and I’ve been walking around my neighborhood each afternoon while the little heathen is off at school.

There are a few spots that I always find myself lingering or smiling at, or wondering about.

Today it is so gorgeous out that I decided to bring my trusty Kodak along and share my little neighborhood with you.

I’m so thoughtful like that. Click photos to actually see what the hell they are.

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky-tacky,
Little boxes, little boxes,
Little boxes, all the same.
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all look just the same.

I adore this little house with the pink door:

There are two side by side little closed shops that I always wonder about when I walk by:

I wonder what the Unique Shoppe sold. Cats? Bird houses?

I am admittedly not a fan of churches or anything related to religion, but for some reason I am always a little bit charmed by this tiny church:

It’s just so tiny and so cute.

I’m sure you’re getting hungry by now, perhaps we should grab a bite to eat:

Because the cornerstone of an authentic Mexican menu is…..Miller Lite.

Ah, look at the time, I should probably wrap this scenic tour up soon.

But first, the shining gem of the neighborhood….what I refer to as the Witch House:

(Definitely click on these bitches!)

I mean really, is this not straight out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale?

I love it. And I bet it’s just as kooky inside as it is outside. I’ll have get another picture of it later in the year when everything blooms. In the summer there is literally no grass visible in it’s yard.

Ah yes….home, sweet home.

Yaaaaay Spring!*

*If you live in a location that doesn’t get 90 inches of snow per year then you may not understand my excitement.



8 responses

16 03 2010

Uh,..where do you live?

Your town looks so cute. Need a roommate? 😛

16 03 2010

You’re looking at the glorious (West) Green Bay, WI my friend! teehee 🙂

17 03 2010

Firstly… we have to go to that mexican restaurant when I’m not entirely broke.
Also, is it weird that in my head I could visualize the whole tour as if I was walking too? hahahaha! By the way… Thursday is my day off… so we should totally hang out then! ❤ youface

17 03 2010

It’s not weird, that’s why you’re awesome!

Yeah, we should hang out tomorrow, it’s my last day with a break from the kid until the twenty-fucking-ninth!

17 03 2010

I’ll be getting some ganja late afternoon… so I’ll see if I can stop over after that and give you some therapy lol

17 03 2010

It’s next week that I’ll be needing therapy…..and I’m pretty sure that I will not be surviving the summer.

I’ll be here all fucking day as usual!

18 03 2010

I love this idea (so I might steal it), and I think your neighborhood is cute! I love when restaurants are just called “_____ Restaurant.”

19 03 2010

You should do it…..I would love to take a peek at where other people live!

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