Black Heart Inertia

30 03 2010

Ever get that feeling that everyone you know is moving on to bigger things while you remain stuck motionless forever?

That eventually they will all have graduated to better lives, with better people than you in them?

And you’ll be happy for them. Really. But from afar. Because they won’t need you any more.


I guess it’s just me then.



7 responses

30 03 2010
Sara Strand

Totally get that. I thought I was all bad ass doing all the stuff before my friends, and now I see it’s like I’m going in reverse. They all have happy marriages, mine sucks. They are out having fun. I’m not. Boo.

30 03 2010

Sara and Steph,

Good to know other people can relate.

30 03 2010

i’m really bummed i had to move in with my mom, have zero relationship prospects, and my dog has abandoned me for my mom’s attention. LOL it blows!

30 03 2010

Let’s not be happy for them bitch!

Let’s get a bottle of Vodka, a couple packs of cigarettes and rip their asses apart while getting drunker than shit!

We’re waaaaaaay more awesome than them anyway hoe!

30 03 2010

HAHAHA Gawd I love yourface!! WHY can’t we be neighbors???? I just today bought some adorable margarita glasses for the the backyard day-drinking mope fests I have planned for this summer, and I feel like you would appreciate this.

31 03 2010

I’m so there with you…

9 04 2010


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