I’m not passive aggress….shit.

1 04 2010

I like to play therapist. Psychology is one of my favorite things. As in I read Psychology Today for fun.


I frequently make observations about how passive aggressive most people are. Passive aggressive behavior surfaces when a person represses emotions/reactions due to a perceived need for acceptance.

For example, let’s say I am really angry at Bill because Bill stole my idea for a self-cleaning bread machine. But, my need to be accepted by everyone makes the idea of confronting Bill directly overwhelming to me. So, I slander Bill anonymously on the internet and egg his car under the cover of night, meanwhile continuing my contact with him as if nothing has happened. Or maybe I start pointing out all of the idea’s flaws and weaknesses and convince Bill that it is a useless invention that no one would ever buy, and then steal it back. Anything to avoid confrontation over the original issue.

I like to pride myself on the fact that I don’t engage much in passive aggressive tactics. I don’t like to dance around issues. Or so I thought.

Then I realized….I do have a passive aggressive crutch: becoming a fan of things on Facebook.

I’ve had a bit of a rough week. I’ve been upset about some things that I don’t want to admit being upset about, along with having my personal brand of blatantly psychotic PMS.  Take a look at some of the pages I’ve become a Facebook fan of:





6 responses

1 04 2010

I have to try VERY hard every day to not be passive aggressive. Which translates into Sara = HUGE bitch. Yay.

1 04 2010

OH I’m a huge bitch too, I’m just usually more direct about it. LOL

1 04 2010

Oh my fucking god dude!!!

That’s just funny shit anyway!

I would TOTALLY NOT join those groups BUT WOULD TOTALLY say that shit!!!!

I heart your face bitch!

11 04 2010
Susie Q

Ahh, Facebook, the wonderland of all things passive-aggressive. 🙂

I’m a note-writer. I write notes like “oh it’s ok you took my last drop of milk that I was going to feed to my already-dying cat. But it’s cool, you must’ve been dehydrated from all that excessively-noisy dryhumping you do every night…” Wahey, passive-aggressive to the max! 🙂


12 04 2010
The Faux Trixie

Um, I’m the most passive aggressive person EVER. I take it one step further and leave passive aggressive status updates directed toward randoms on FB or Twitter. Whoops. I’m sure that makes me look like a huge snatch, but it’s satisfying to me.

12 04 2010

I’m sorry….I got distracted by how much I love the fact that you just said “huge snatch”.

I’m super mature like that.

LOVE your blog, you huge snatch! tehee ♥

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