If You Have to Ask

7 04 2010

Hey baby, what’s your sign?

Your life path number?

Your MB personality type?

What is it about people that makes us want to be categorized?

I have been fascinated by astrology since childhood, and have been awed by the accuracy of mine and some of my friends and family member’s natal charts.

I have been to psychics. I’ve had palm and tarot readings.

Maybe numbers hold the key? Or face-reading.

Chinese astrology?

When I was pre-teen I was briefly obsessed with handwriting analysis.

What does it mean that I am an INTP Capricorn Rat with a Life path Number 3 and floating irises?

I have always been one to chafe at labels, yet I continue to seek out ways to slap them on myself.

Perhaps it is easier to calculate a number, or match up a birth date, than it is to do the hard work of self discovery.

Maybe one of these occult sciences is the one we should all be listening to, while the others are nonsense.

Maybe they all have something to contribute.

It seems as much as we fight being put into boxes, we secretly want just that.

Please, someone tell me who I am. Give me an excuse for my shortcomings, and give me hope that I have innate positive traits.

Explain away why I can’t get along with that whiny Pisces or that arrogant Life Path 1.

Get out your label maker, life, and stick some on me.

Because I can’t figure this shit out on my own.



6 responses

7 04 2010
Sara Strand

Hey- I’m a pisces and not whiny! 😉 On my blog docket this week is me comparing myself to the Pisces characteristics. We’ll see how close it is.

7 04 2010

Hah….silly water signs….bwahaha ❤

7 04 2010

If you where to ask me.
You are not the problem.
If dont know this already … you are perfect in your own way. Like no shit.
The only problem I see is with the thinking. Thoughts are things and they manifest and become reality. Im a firm believer in YOU create your reality.

A conversation I had with a bud is that we as ppl are all looking for something.
“What” exactly that is … ?

7 04 2010

Interesting take, thanks for commenting 🙂

8 04 2010

Ha! I like this! Beyond knowing that I am a Sagittarius born in the Chinese year of the fire tiger, I know nothing. And in fact, I don’t even know what that makes me.

Ignorance is bliss I guess..? Maybe..?

9 04 2010

what i like about certain “tests” like the MB is that, when they’re right, they expose strengths and weakness. and though i may be aware of these, i may not act accordingly. it’s about self-discovery as you put it, but it shouldn’t replace trial and error – Living Life. i like your style 🙂

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