Survey says

8 04 2010

Ahh, Day Time Television,

I had forgotten that there is a reason I broke it off with you.

Sure, we may meet up occasionally for a friends-with-benefits quickie, but I could never take you seriously.

You draw me in with promises of a 76 lb manorexic, only to insert into my head the notion that I am too tall to live to 100, and will die a painful death of liver failure if my legs aren’t at least 29 inches long.

Then, you yell at me and insult me by insinuating that I can’t read…

and drive the point home by convincing me that I am, in fact, an imbecile who should have never been allowed to graduate from elementary school.

I’m going to need some time to get over this, DTT.

Now please excuse me while I go measure my inseam.

PS: I’ve decided to make a page for Le Meh on Facebook and take the link to my personal page down so I can use it for the more “real life” obligations. So, check the sidebar and become a fan!



6 responses

8 04 2010

DTT is awful. The only thing that draws me in are the court shows (I love me some white trash) and The Price is Right because as the main shopper of the house I know I’d dominate. And I’d like to spin the wheel. OK- and I’d like to play Plinko.

9 04 2010

hahaha I would make such an ass of myself on The Price is Right…..I’m laughing just thinking about it.

8 04 2010

What is that stuff in the first picture?! WHAT IS IT?

It looks like human fat tissue – the kind you see getting sucked out during lipo procedures on crappy night time tv shows.

I don’t think DTT is the sole culprit, but yes, I agree, it’s ASTOUNDINGLY bad. And yet, I get sucked in sometimes, I can’t help it. It’s a disease!

9 04 2010

Yep it’s fat! That’s not the episode I was watching, but Dr. Oz loves to make people fondle fat tissue! Such an alarmist douchebag.

I am STILL laughing about your strange luck/punched-in-the-face-by-a-gay-boy post. Bwahahahaha, gawd I just love it so much.

Then I feel bad because it’s not really nice to laugh at someone for being physically assaulted.

Sorreh. Teehee!

9 04 2010

hahaha nice! i often felt confused and inadequate – and most importantly, VAPID – when watching too much tv; dtt is the worst, for sure.

i cancelled cable tv altogether. it’s so… freeing.

9 04 2010

I don’t have cable anymore either, and I do definitely notice the sensation of my brain being sucked out has lessened.

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