Friendtastic Friday 4/9

9 04 2010

Let’s get right to it:

You must check out Adrian at Irrational Logic. She only has a few posts up so far…but I can tell the future is bright with this one! She squees! And is irrationally rational. That adds up to a big, fat win, folks!

And if you so happen to be a fan of girliness and vodka, check out The Girl is Goosed.

There you have it for this week. Go forth and clicketh.



4 responses

10 04 2010
Ash (Crazy Brunette)

Hey bitch! I totally fucking love Friendtastic Fridays.

I think I’ll start doing,

“CB thinks you blow balls Wednesdays”

What do you think?

10 04 2010

Omg omg omg yesss!!!! hahahaha fucking love it!

12 04 2010

Thanks for the mention! I’ve been working my way through your Blog, LOVE! Have a great Monday!

12 04 2010

Aww thanks, irrational one! ♥

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