[Guest Post!] WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO HOOK UP WITH A TOURIST (And that tourist is me)

13 04 2010

Hello, I’m Ella Unread and I write FROM THE STUPIDEST CORNER OF MY MIND.
I am taking part on 20sb‘s 7th Blog Swap and I get to invade Amber’s blog *cackles* though she gets to do the same to mine *shrieks*.

I am pretty honest and people tend to hate it. You can call me cocky, you can call me a bitch. Who knows…I just feel what my mind tells me to.


Sample tourist: me
Location: Albany, NY.
Time: Around April 2009.

Have you ever been to the usual bar and saw an unknown face and just couldn’t not invite her a drink? It happens to everybody…or so I heard.

* giggles*

What happened?
I was dancing and singing at the tune of “What’s my age again?” when a college student approached me and invited me a drink.

His ears might have been sharp because at my “No, thank you” reply he immediately caught my accent, which allowed him to continue: “Oh, did I hear an accent? Where are you from?”

“Argentina”, I said. Every word I muttered led him to a new question, I swear not only my tone was horrendous but also the looks my friends and I exchanged. I was behaving as a weirdo who just wanted to be left alone. No more, no less. This guy was persistent though, because he kept trying to chat with me, regardless of my bad mood. I was getting annoyed (and I am one faithful girl so when guys get close to me and I am in a relationship I simply run away, as if talking to someone made me less of a good girlfriend) and I decided to let my brutal honesty come out.

“I am sorry, whatever your name is, but I really don’t want a drink and I think I made it clear I am not up for a conversation either” , said the bitch inside me.

“It’s OK, I appreciate your honesty” – he said. “And for the record, when an American guy invites you a drink, it means he is interested in you”

“Ok, I know…but when a girl rejects it, it means she is not interested. Sorry” – I said.

He laughed in such a warm, friendly way at my last utterance. He gave me a huge smile and said “Well, I can only tell you something, if all girls were like you, I wouldn’t be broke. Good night and have fun!” …and so he left, with a flashing smile and some money left in his wallet.

Thanks for stopping by, Ella! Read my guest post on Ella’s blog today here!



5 responses

13 04 2010

Well i consider the act of the man charming as to back off and still wish a good night and such, he took it pretty well…u Could have acceted the drink and still dumped his ass though:P

14 04 2010

Love it!! What an attitude Ella!!! =D

14 04 2010

Lol, poor guy! After being followed around by some wacky guy when I was in the Seychelles, (and later having him show up at my great grandmothers house in the middle of the night, yelling outside the window for me to come out) I can certainly say that my days of being a tourist flirting with the locals are behind me. I suppose Sexy Nerd may have a little something to do with this too.

That would be super if you’d like to do a guest blogger post! Just write about whatever you’d like, with some info on who you are and your blog, and email it to me at lambaround@gmail.com. I’ll post it with a link to your site, which will hopefully bring some new readers your way.

14 04 2010

Cloudy: Come on…let’s not pretend you aren’t my boyfriend! You wouldn’t have wanted me to accept that drink!

Maryx: Thank you! 😀

Lamb: Oh you stalker 😛 Thank you so much for the invitation! I’m totally interested! 😀

14 04 2010
Susie Q

Aww bless his heart.. The poor boy was just trying to get it ooooon! 😀 At least he put some effort into it.. The best I ever get is “fancy a shag? *leery wink*” 😛


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