Throat Punch Thursday

23 04 2010

Yes, I know it’s Friday. But I just discovered Throat Punch Thursday and I really want to participate, and damn it, it’s my blog and I’ll suspend reality if I fucking want to, so,  I declare it Thursday on Le Meh.

Dear Mom Who Gives Me a Look of Disdain for Sitting on a Bench and Texting While My Kid Plays at the Park,

I’m glad I could brighten your day by helping you to feel superior to parents like me. I could tell you about how yesterday I was here bouncing up and down on the see-saw with my son on my lap until I thought my ass was going to flatten like a pancake. I could tell you how the day before, I was here playing tag with my kid and his friends-of-moment and totally bit it in a pile of wood chips.

I could tell you how I get a break from my house and toddler routine about as often as I see a falling star, or about how I believe helicopter parents are destroying our next generation. I could explain how while sometimes I play with my child at the park, other times I come to let him burn off some energy with other kids while I zone out and take some time to my fucking self. But, none of that matters to you anyway. You’ve already made your bitchy little snap judgment, and now you’re busy making sure little Mikey sanitizes his hands every time he touches a new piece of playground equipment.

So, instead of that healthy discourse, how about I just punch you in the fucking throat.

Ahh. I feel better.

Throat Punch Thursday was created by Sarah at Running with Scissors. Grab the button and join the party!



One response

27 04 2010
Michelle Pixie

Stopping by from Lamb Around. I love this! Bwahahahaha

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