Throat Punch Thursday

29 04 2010

Yeah yeah, I realize I haven’t posted in almost a week and you’re all crying into your beers, dying for a word from me.

What can I say, some months I have the crazy, rant-happy PMS, and some months I have the anti-social, just pretend I don’t exist variety. You’ll get used to it.


It’s time again for Throat Punch Thursday, originated by I Run with Scissors.

Who has incurred my wrath this week, you ask?

The honor this Thursday day goes toooooooooo:

Facebook Dramatards!

Social media is the death of healthy social interactions. What the fuck is wrong with the picture when people can’t even have one on one arguments anymore? Instead it takes place 100% through passive aggressive “status updates” addressing no one in particular, though clearly meant for someone quite particular indeed.

I’ve done it. I bet you’ve done it.

When did we become such socially retarded pussies?

Whatever happened to the days when if you had a beef with your friend, you fucking called them or met up and discussed it like adults? Or punched  each other in the face a few times and then got over it.


Though we’ve all done it a time or two, everyone has a king/queen of internet drama somewhere in their list of friends. Every week they have some kind of end-of-the-world cat fight catastrophe going down on their page.

And to you, Facebook Dramatard,


You fucking suck.

I feel better.



6 responses

29 04 2010

I have that love/hate thing with Facebook too. As you of course know, I’m totally have a WTFight with a facebook dramatard, and did make a semi-passive-aggressive status update… but for the most part its been kept under wraps… I think…

I need to get better at confrontation.

29 04 2010

I can’t imagine going through high school and everything surrounded by social media and growing up on facebook like people your age and younger have/will. Soon no one will have any idea how to deal with real, direct human confrontation, it’s fucking insanity.
I think you’ve handled your situation maturely. As my mom always said “Good enough for who it’s for.” 😉

29 04 2010

God, you know who I hate???

Those bitches who BITCH about the bitches who puss out on Facebook….

No, no… I’m not talking about anyone in particular!!!!

Totally agree slutface! I’d MUCH rather punch some one in the fucking face…

29 04 2010

Bwaahahahaha, BITCH! ♥

30 04 2010

Best… Weekly Theme… Ever… !

1 05 2010

I know….how could I not participate? And you all should too!!!

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