Friendtastic Friday 4/30

30 04 2010

That’s right, Friendtastic Friday is back (and finally has it’s own graphic)! And I have some kickass bloggers for you to befriend!

First, I send you to meet Heather at Boyfriend Challenged, where she reports the honest, sometimes brutal, and usually hilarious reality of living chronically single.

Next, I must let you in on Annabelle at I’ll Tell You Anyway. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and go read this blog. If you like my bad attitude (and clearly you do if you’re still reading) you will love hers. And she gets to add dating to the mix. Hilarity and sarcasm ensue.

I love the word ensue.

Anyway….go! Read! Thank me later.



7 responses

30 04 2010

Ooh….dating, something I’ll be doing soon!

1 05 2010

I’m sure you’ll totally kick ass at it too. Rawr!

30 04 2010

Yay, thanks! As you know, I’m a fan of yours as well. =D

1 05 2010

Absolutely love yourface!

30 04 2010

Awwww, look at the babies….

Reminds me of when I forced this little boy to kiss me when we were like fucking 6!

Literally I shoved him and told him to close his eyes and we were going to kiss like Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing.

I do believe he kicked me in the shin. Bastard!

Are they as cut throat and shitty as I am or no, bitch whore?

1 05 2010

hahahahahahahahahaha I just about pissed my pants over this one bitch!!! You must tell that little story in a blog post. Must.

1 05 2010

Also, I have no idea who those kids are, I stole them with the help of Google Images.

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