Friendtastic Friday 4/30

30 04 2010

That’s right, Friendtastic Friday is back (and finally has it’s own graphic)! And I have some kickass bloggers for you to befriend!

First, I send you to meet Heather at Boyfriend Challenged, where she reports the honest, sometimes brutal, and usually hilarious reality of living chronically single.

Next, I must let you in on Annabelle at I’ll Tell You Anyway. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and go read this blog. If you like my bad attitude (and clearly you do if you’re still reading) you will love hers. And she gets to add dating to the mix. Hilarity and sarcasm ensue.

I love the word ensue.

Anyway….go! Read! Thank me later.

Friendtastic Friday 4/9

9 04 2010

Let’s get right to it:

You must check out Adrian at Irrational Logic. She only has a few posts up so far…but I can tell the future is bright with this one! She squees! And is irrationally rational. That adds up to a big, fat win, folks!

And if you so happen to be a fan of girliness and vodka, check out The Girl is Goosed.

There you have it for this week. Go forth and clicketh.

Friendtastic Friday 4/2

2 04 2010

Friendtastic Friday time again already!

Let’s start out with a fellow Wisconsinite and beisty fitch:

Sara at Sara’s Organized Chaos (and her quest to take over the world)

That should pretty much be all you need to know.

Next, if you happen to love Brits and quarterlife crisises as much as I do, you’ll want to check out Beyond Rage.

Oh, also, another award!

Again from the always adorable Stacy at Stacy Says.

The only blog I stalk, besides Stacy’s, that posts as much as I would like is Lamb Around, so I pass this one on to her.

Oh wait….what’s that? Another award? Again from the fabulous Stacy?

Awww, cutest award ever!

I have to give this one to Crazy Brunette Chick, even though we know she just spits on such formalities. It’s part of her charm.

Then I’ll pass it on to two of my real life BFFs who happen to blog at:



even though he is too good to post anymore, and she is far too classy and professional to post such silliness.

It’s the thought that counts, bitches.

Happy Good Friday and Easter to those who are into the whole Jesus thing.

And Happy Spring to the rest of us!

Friendtastic Friday 3/26

26 03 2010

It’s that time again.

I know I usually give a little blurb with each of these, but I’m still in a MEH mood today, so I’m just going to spit out a few links, and just trust me that they’re good, okay?

Mel Learns her Lessons

Getting in There

Go Forth and Blogeth

Go check them out. And like have a good weekend and all that crap.

Friendtastic Friday 3/19

19 03 2010

Holy shit, it’s Friday again! And that means it’s time for….

Friendtastic Friday!

First on the list this week is Man-Shopping in Paris.

Live vicariously through this American woman living in Paris as she experiments with dating Frenchmen and documenting the results. Trust me, hilarity often ensues.

Another winner for living vicariously through: Steph at Not the Oxygen.

More dating stories. More hilarity. This girl doesn’t seem to take shit from anyone, and I love that!

One more for this week: Nils at Musician’s Choice.

It sounds like it might be a music blog, but it’s really not. It’s full of randomness instead. And, as you may know, I’m a sucker for randomness. Nils is adorable and I ❤ hisface.

Clickity click, people, clickity click.

Friendtastic Friday!

12 03 2010

That’s right, I’m starting my very own weekly installment of Friday love-fests!

Friendtastic Fridays!

Next to self-expression, the best part of being a blogger is forming friendships with other bloggers. Finding a kindred spirit floating out there in the interwebs and knowing that you would never have been aware of this amazing person’s existence  otherwise is what the blogging community is all about.

So, every Friday I will be selecting a few of my favorite new-to-me bloggers and slapping them up here for all to see.

Now, lets start this off right. In the past week (maybe two, whatever!) I have discovered what I think may be my two favorite bloggers ever. Seriously, these ladies are too awesome for words. But you know me, I’ll ramble on anyway.

First, my self-proclaimed “sister from another mister”: Stacy of Stacy Says. Stacy is a sassy Jatheist (Jatheist! Whadduya think, Stacy?) with a love for cupcakes, witty commentary and her super cute doggeh. Oh, and she‘s super cute too. Click the links, people!

Next, the feistiest “trophy wife with a trucker’s mouth” you’ll ever meet, Ashley of One Crazy Brunette Chick. This bitch isn’t kidding one bit about the crazy part! Go read her blog and you’ll see why it’s okay for me to say that shit. Seriously, this woman is badass and I totally heart her face. She’s a total MILF too. Just sayin’.

These girls are so highly awesome that I also have their buttons proudly displayed over there in my sidebar. ——->

So there are really no excuses to not check them out.