Kids Say the God Damndest Things

30 11 2009

As a way to get my creative juices flowing here on Le Meh, this post is part of the {Write} of Passage writing challenge. This week’s topic: Your most embarrassing moment.

By the time time my son reached his third birthday he had been in speech therapy for 18 months. In this time he had gone from almost completely non verbal to slightly above his age level in vocabulary. There were still issues for him to work on, however, so the program passed him on to the school district’s early childhood development program. This meant my barely-three-year-old riding the bus to a big elementary school all by himself. Being the fantastic mediocre parent that I am, I thought it would be an easier transition for him if I took him to see the school and meet his teacher and class before his big first day.

We walked the halls hand in hand until we reached the door that read “3”. We were greeted warmly by his new teacher, who showed me to a table full of enrollment paperwork and him to a play area lined with toys.

There was only one other student present in the class of 6 that day: a non verbal 3 year-old with thick glasses strapped to his head and Winnie the Pooh overalls. The boys played quietly next to each other on the floor as the teacher and I got down to business on our respective piles of papers. Breaking the silence, she remarked, “I’m so excited to have A. in class. All of our other students are non verbal or close to it, so his impressive vocabulary will be a great influence on them!”

As if on queue, my darling child crashed the truck he had been driving around the classroom. He then shouted, loudly and clearly enough to prevent any kind of cover-up on my part, “GOD DAMN IT!”

My son, the great influence.

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